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Cello Lesson

Edvox Cello Course is designed to inculcate good cello-playing technique, perfect pitch and versatility in playing the cello. Music fundamentals like rhythmic awareness, note-reading, aural training and accurate bowing/playing postures will be imparted to the students in the cello class.

Being involved in all aspects of the curriculum will enable cello students to develop good postures and techniques, enrich their musical skills and repertoire knowledge, perform confidently and cultivate strong musical awareness and musicianship.

This cello class is conducted individually, from aged 5 and above. Cello students may choose to sit for the optional Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) examinations. Our cello teachers in Edvox are good with helping students to achieve good ABRSM cello exam result.


Congratulations to our cello students & teachers for achieving High Distinctions in ABRSM Cello Exam. Let us help you to achieve great results too. JOIN US NOW!

CHARIS LOW LI EN Cello Grade 8 146 2014
ALLDON GARREN TAN Cello Grade 2 148 2012
CHIN SHYAN LOK Cello Grade 3 143 2012
CHIENG LEE ZSE Cello Grade 4 142 2012
LEE HUI PING MELISSA Cello Grade 4 141 2010
PHANG WEI JUN Cello Grade 8 139 2012
TAN SHI LING DENISE Cello Grade 8 138 2013
KHOR QI EN EZRA Cello Grade 8 137 2013
VALERIE SEH YI LING Cello Grade 6 135 2012

Our cello students will have many opportunities to perform in student recitals and concerts. You can perform in our orchestra too. JOIN US NOW!

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Still not very sure if cello is "the" instrument you really want to play? Contact us for a free trial lesson and our teacher will help you to decide. Don't have a cello? JOIN US NOW! and we will provide you a new cello for FREE. Yes, FREE, you can bring it home. It's yours if you want it but you got to be hurry as our cello stock is running low and the next production date from the factory is NEXT YEAR!! We do not buy from local shop / wholesaler, we import directly. That is why we can give you a brand new FREE cello!

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