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Edvox violin course curriculum is designed to inculcate good violin-playing technique, perfect pitch and a keen interest in playing the violin. Music fundamentals like rhythmic awareness, note-reading, aural training and accurate bowing/playing postures will be imparted to the students. Being involved in all aspects of the curriculum will enable students to develop good postures and techniques, enrich their musical skills and repertoire knowledge, perform confidently and cultivate strong musical awareness and musicianship.

Edvox Music School conduct individual violin lesson or group violin class for young children aged 5 and above till adult. Young violin students and adult violin students may choose to sit for the optional Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) examinations. Students of this violin class will have the opportunity to participate in student recitals, master classes, pre-examination workshops and Edvox’s annual concert. Talented violin students of higher performance ability can audition for the chance to perform as soloists during the concert.

Our violin teachers produce good violin exam result in ABRSM exam
TERENCE CHU TAILUN Violin Grade 8 146 2009
CHUA YUN EN ELLEN Violin Grade 8 144 2012
LEE ANN GIE Violin Grade 5 144 2012
LIM KAY WOON MABELLE Violin Grade 1 143 2012
NIVETHA NANDAKUMAR Violin Grade 1 142 2012
NUR HIJANNAH BTE ROSZAIME Violin Grade 3 142 2009
CLIFFTON KOK FANG ZHI Violin Grade 2 142 2011
TAN ZHI XUAN DARREN Violin Grade 6 140 2012
ZHANG KE ER Violin Grade 6 140 2009
CHLOE HING HUI YEN Violin Grade 5 140 2009
WEI XIN YI FAITH Violin Grade 8 139 2014
NUR HIJANNAH BTE ROSZAIME Violin Grade 8 138 2014

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abrsm exam result

we produce good violin exam result

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