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funtime doreme

The Funtime Doreme Course is for children aged from 3½ to 5 years old. This Course is specially designed for children by integrating the various pedagogy approaches into a continuous music developmental process, providing your child with an all-rounded musical experience.

Being the child’s first exposure to music lessons, a group environment is highly motivating for a young child, and the chance to have hands-on practical lessons with the piano and violin greatly helps a child determine his/her musical inclinations. The course will encompass creative expressions and performance experiences in singing, movement and playing the keyboard, violin and percussion instruments, making it the best choice for a child’s first interaction and introduction to music.

Why Funtime DoReMe?

* Wide exposure to many rudiments in music education like note reading, solfege and aural training, hand-eye coordination, musical awareness and many more areas.

* Singing with movements and lyrics helps children appreciate and enjoy music, and improves their coordination ability.

* Listening and understanding classical and children music develops their musicianship and aids in understanding various emotions.

* Experience both hands-on piano and violin playing, arousing interest in music.

* Ease of transition after Funtime Doreme to individual music lessons.

* Small class size to ensure child gets maximum attention from the trainers.

* Foster interaction with other children in a fun and safe environment.

* Solo and ensemble performances to gain competence, confidence and experience cooperation and leadership skills in a team environment.


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