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Edvox guitar lessons are designed to develop technique, knowledge and versatility in playing the guitar. There are three (3) types of guitar courses to cater to a wide range of differing interests.

Pluck it! Guitar Course is a classical guitar lesson which will adopt the classical syllabus leading to an optional ABRSM examinations. This guitar class is designed to develop finger dexterity, note-reading skills, knowledge of harmony and chord accompaniment skills.

Strum it! Guitar Course is a folk guitar lesson focusing mainly on the various strumming and chord-plucking techniques. This guitar class will enable you to understand chord harmony, learn various rhythmic strumming patterns, and basically enjoy and be able to play your favourite songs at parties and camps.

Jam it! Guitar Course is an electrical guitar lesson that will enable you to achieve lightning speed guitar-playing and learn the latest licks on the guitar. Knowledge of scales and chords will be imparted, as well as the reading of guitar tablatures, musical notations and notes.

Being involved in all aspects of the curriculum will enable guitar students to develop good postures and techniques, enrich their musical skills and repertoire knowledge, perform confidently and cultivate strong musical awareness and musicianship. Guitar students will have the opportunity to participate in student recitals, master classes, pre-examination workshops and Edvox’s annual concert. Guitar students of higher performance ability can audition for the chance to perform as soloists during the concert.


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